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South Central Preview - Amber Waves of Pain

It's no secret that the South Central is the weakest region in terms of team strength. It's the only region to have only four teams in the Top 25. It's tied with the North Central with only one team in the Top 10 (and you could easily argue that that team doesn't deserve to be there). The average ranking in the South Central is 27.8. Compare that to the other regions which are 15.7 in the West, 20.7 in the North Central, and 21.5 in the East. That doesn't mean this region won't be exciting however, as there are five teams ranked between #25-#35. Closely ranked teams usually mean close games.

While last year's ticket-punchers may have lost a little something this year, there are some other teams that are rising to the top. They may not be ready to make a run for the Championship this year but teams like Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, and No Coast have dramatically improved their team and could be in a position to perhaps lay an upset this year or challenge for the top next year.

1: Texas Rollergirls (#5, 4-6)
2: Atlanta Rollergirls (#15, 11-2)
3: Kansas City Roller Warriors (#18, 5-4)
4: Dallas Derby Devils (#25, 12-7)
5: Nashville Rollergirls (#30, 9-3)
6: Tampa Bay Derby Darlins (#33, 5-9)
7: Houston Roller Derby (#35, 3-7)
8: No Coast Derby Girls (#31, 5-2)
9: Hard Knox Roller Girls (#40, 6-4)
10: Memphis Roller Derby (#46, 4-5)

Champion: Texas. The mothers of roller derby are having a down year, by Texas standards, but they will still take advantage of a weak region to make it to the WFTDA Championship for the fifth time in a row.

Ticket-punchers: Texas, Atlanta, Kansas City. Atlanta and Kansas City have really proven this season that they should be ranked in the teens whereas none of the other teams have even proven that they should be ranked in the twenties at this point (Nashville had a good run but has struggled lately). This would be KC's fourth appearance at the WFTDA Championship and Atlanta's first.

Team most likely to play above their seed: No Coast. They're playing on their home track. They've won six in a row. They played really well at last year's regionals. They're also the only team the Derbytron is picking to finish above their seed.

Predicted finish:
1: Texas
2: Atlanta
3: Kansas City
4: Dallas
5: Nashville
6: Tampa Bay
7: No Coast
8: Houston
9: Hard Knox
10: Memphis

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