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Official/Unofficial Rankings

Games with 1 team that hasn't played a single game in the current season will not be counted. Games with a team that hasn't played 4 or more games in the current period (current year plus last 6 months of previous year) will not be counted in the accuracy number.

Early in the season, ratings will not be counted until the average number of games played in the current season is 3.0. The ratings will remain unofficial until that point and will not affect the season's accuracy rating because computer rankings need data and there just isn't enough to be confident.


  1. Montreal's bouts with Harrisburg Area Roller Derby, Atlanta Rollergirls and Ohio Rollergirls were all sanctioned. Their bout against Hammer City this past weekend was not.

    Why aren't they ranked?

  2. Never mind that, I missed them on the list. Sorry.