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East Preview - Derby in the Burbs

The second of WFTDA's 2010 region playoffs will happen this weekend in White Plains, NY. There is almost no doubt that this year's Eastern championship game will be a rematch of 2009's 90-89 classic and Gotham's (#1, 7-0) first loss since 2007. Gotham has looked pretty unbeatable in their seven wins in 2010. The lowest ranked team they've played is currently #18 and that happened to be the closest anyone has come and it was an 82 point spread. EIGHTY TWO FREAKING POINTS! The tightest game and it's not like they're playing nobodies. Philly (#5, 10-3) has looked very impressive this season as well after a somewhat lackluster Wild West Showdown in which they went 0-3. Since then, though, they've racked up some impressive wins over Denver (#4, 7-1), Steel City (#6, 9-3), Detroit (#10, 9-3) twice, Bay Area (#9, 5-5), and Windy City (#12, 6-3). These two have separated themselves from the pack and it would be nothing short of shocking to not seem them in the championship game. 

1: Gotham Girls Roller Derby (#1, 7-0)
2: Philly Roller Girls (#5, 10-3)
3: Boston Derby Dames (#18, 4-7)
4: Charm City Roller Girls (#15, 5-6)
5: Steel City Derby Demons (#6, 9-3)
6: Montreal Roller Derby (#21, 9-3)
7: Carolina Rollergirls (#31, 4-6)
8: Providence Roller Derby (#40, 3-6)
9: Dutchland Rollers (#34, 6-4)
10: DC Rollergirls (#44, 4-8)

Champion: Gotham. No one else has a chance. 'Nuff said. 

Ticket-punchers: Gotham, Philly, Steel City. Philly has clearly positioned itself as the second best team in the East region. They beat their toughest competition on the road to the championship game, Boston (#18, 4-7), by 85 in April. If there ever can be a guarantee in sports, the closest you can come is putting Gotham and Philly in the WFTDA championship in 2010.

Team most likely to play above their seed: Steel City. The only real surprise to be prepared for in this region is whether or not Steel City can back up some of their wide-margined wins over decent competition with some wins over some top competition. Steel Hurtin' have two recent impressive wins that should have people thinking twice about writing them out of the semifinals. Their 113 point win over Nashville (#28, 9-3) was the Music City All Star's worst loss of the season and the 126 point win over Brewcity (#23, 8-5) looks ridiculous after the Bruisers' close 7 point loss to Cincinnati at the North Central playoffs. But, Charm City did beat Texas. That game should be a fun one.

Predicted finish:
1: Gotham
2: Philly
3: Steel City
4: Boston
5: Charm City
6: Montreal
7: Carolina
8: Dutchland
9: Providence
10: DC


  1. Slightly laughable.

  2. I love Derbytron. I think it's great that you post these previews, even though I disagree with them. I think the tournament will be go more as WFTDA has them ranked, but your arguments are just as valid. Steel City's wins over Nashville and Brewcity do not impress me. I think that just shows the substantial strength of the coasts (East and West) over the North and South.

    Keep up the good work, keep tweaking away. And pay no attention to Anonymous, he's totally laughable.

  3. This smells like overcompensation for being painfully wrong about North Central.

  4. @Southbayfan

    You could be right. We will see tomorrow.

    @Anon 2:16

    That's an interesting theory. You'll notice, though, that all of the predictions are based on the Derbytron rankings, the only human element being what I wrote to back up those predictions.

    Take Minnesota (who no one saw coming and since the Derbytron and Dyte both had Minn #21, higher than any other rankings systems, I think we deserve a little credit) and Arch Rival out of the North Central and there was one missed prediction out of 11 games. Over 90% is pretty good in my book.