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September 18-20 Results

2009 Away Team   Home Team  Accuracy 
9/207Madison56 5Windy City150 5/7NC Regionals
 14Cincinnati62 12Detroit126 12/14NC Regionals
 18North Star85 20Arch Rival43 18/20NC Regionals
 32Grand Raggidy75 30Minnesota91 30/32NC Regionals
9/1912Detroit95 7Madison107 7/12NC Regionals
 14Cincinnati36 5Windy City163 5/14NC Regionals
 25Pikes Peak22 13Boston298 13/25 
 27Burning River116 21Brewcity126 21/27NC Regionals
 32Grand Raggidy26 20Arch Rival141 20/32NC Regionals
 18North Star76 30Minnesota61 18/30NC Regionals
9/1820Arch Rival86 14Cincinnati94 14/20NC Regionals
 27Burning River44 12Detroit138 12/27NC Regionals
 21Brewcity56 7Madison199 7/21NC Regionals
 30Minnesota25 5Windy City155 5/30NC Regionals
 32Grand Raggidy66 27Burning River130 27/32NC Regionals
 21Brewcity140 18North Star113 21/18NC Regionals

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