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North Central Preview - Brawl of America

This weekend, the ladies of the north lace up their skates and head to the Twin Cities for the North Central Regional. The second region to play their national qualifying tournament is also the most closely matched with all teams ranked within 27 spots in the Derbytron Rankings (61 in the East, 49 in the South Central, and 47 in the West). With closely ranked teams comes more arguments over where teams rank as this is also the region with the most discrepancies between WFTDA ranks and Derbytron ranks. No one disagrees on the top seed, Windy City, however. The Rollers only have one loss on their record this season which happened to be a 1-point loss to the East Champs, Philly.

North Central Region (as seeded):
1: Windy City Rollers (#5, 6-1)
2: Detroit Derby Girls (#12, 5-3)
3: Mad Rollin’ Dolls (#7, 5-1)
4: Cincinnati Rollergirls (#14, 8-2)
5: Arch Rival Roller Girls (#20, 5-5)
6: Minnesota RollerGirls (#30, 3-1)
7: Grand Raggidy Roller Girls (#32, 3-5)
8: North Star Roller Girls (#18, 3-2)
9: Brewcity Bruisers (#21, 3-3)
10: Burning River Roller Girls (#27, 2-3)

Champion: Windy City. The Chicago Rollers are the clear favorite in the region with wins over three of the top five seeds (Windy City and Madison have not played since a 132-74 WCR win in June of last year). Last year's national runner-up should have no problem walking away with the first ever North Central Championship.

Ticket-punchers: Windy City, Madison, and Detroit. In a tournament that is sure to be unpredictable, the top 3 seeds should move on to nationals. While Arch Rival and Cincinnati have certainly proven they can step up and beat top teams on any given day, the top three in this region seem to have separated themselves.

Team most likely to play above their seed: Burning River. The Cleveland team gets a first round matchup with Grand Raggidy who is actually ranked lower than the 10-seed, Burning River. If they can win this game, they're guaranteed at least 8th place. Both teams played Brewcity, Cincinnati, and Fort Wayne this season and Burning River had better performances in two of those three matchups.

Predicted finish:
1: Windy City
2: Madison
3: Detroit
4: Cincinnati
5: Arch Rival
6: Brewcity
7: North Star
8: Burning River
9: Minnesota
10: Grand Raggidy


  1. Not really related to this post, but the Denver @ Sacred City bout you show on the right was not sanctioned, per Denver.

    I had to change that on DNN to "WFTDA Regulation." Probably someone had to bring a skater from off of the chartered roster?