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2009 Final Rankings

 Team Rating2009 RecordBase RatingSOSGames Used2009 Games
1Gotham 0.7547-20.7400.625159
5Windy City-20.69410-20.7110.6101812
7Charm City-10.64712-50.6430.5832217
8Rocky Mountain+50.6267-60.5410.5701813
9Rose City+20.6235-30.5930.553138
10Kansas City-20.6148-40.6080.5641712
14Rat City 0.5895-70.5390.6041612
15Steel City 0.5649-30.6030.4531312
16Cincinnati 0.5589-40.5670.5321813
17Bay Area 0.5553-50.5170.552138
18North Star+10.5455-30.5910.52088
19Arch Rival+10.5376-70.5130.5021613
20Harrisburg Area+10.5363-20.5670.48085
21Duke City+10.5364-80.4910.5631712
25Carolina 0.5143-80.4430.5881711
26Providence 0.5035-40.4920.511129
27Sioux Falls 0.5003-20.5620.48355
28Minnesota 0.4935-30.5230.502138
30Burning River-10.4893-50.4900.459118
31Tampa Bay+10.4794-50.4800.504119
33Nashville 0.4708-40.5230.4371412
34Naptown 0.4684-40.4670.43488
35Grand Raggidy 0.4503-80.4090.4921711
36Tallahassee 0.4411-10.5060.35422
37Omaha 0.4342-40.4270.47276
38Maine 0.4333-40.4500.49287
39Montreal 0.4291-60.3760.49677
40Fort Wayne 0.4274-60.4120.4601210
41Pikes Peak 0.4184-70.4410.4941611
42DC 0.3944-50.4350.458129
43Angel City 0.3915-40.4870.456109
44Memphis 0.3876-40.4520.3711110
45Tucson 0.3862-40.4150.515116
46Dutchland 0.3813-20.3740.38565
47Sacred City+10.3743-30.3430.43896
49No Coast-20.3624-80.3640.4431612
50Suburbia 0.3591-10.3590.32422
51Northwest Arkansas 0.3502-40.3610.427106
52West Texas 0.3282-50.3870.417107
53Hard Knox 0.2961-50.3020.38766
54Green Country 0.2893-40.3570.33297
55Dixie 0.2561-50.2520.43296
56Salt City 0.2541-10.3260.35362
57Assassination City 0.2432-40.3070.36476
58Arizona 0.2371-30.2690.42154
59Bleeding Heartland 0.2171-20.3020.38433
60Dominion 0.2110-80.2270.442118
61Sin City+10.1950-30.2100.31243
62Big Easy-10.1940-60.2460.38976
63Oklahoma 0.1841-40.2280.40975
64Alamo City 0.1660-30.2470.32073
65Slaughter County 0.1630-20.2780.51522
66Gem City 0.0910-30.2450.48533
67Long Island 0.0320-30.2460.41143
 *Unofficial Team       


  1. Still don't understand how OLY is #2 when they won the whole f*#king thing. AND beat Gotham.

  2. @ G. No-Evil

  3. Gotham has a stronger history over the last year. Or whatever the range of dates this system cares about.

    And if you watched the bout, Gotham was pretty even with Oly throughout the game. They played a smarter, more strategic game.

    Oly had jammers getting knocked out of bounds and not knowing not to come in in front of three or four pack skaters. Jammers who broke first but weren't lead trying to call off jams and getting IP minors for it.

    No matter how good a skater or hitter you are, that stuff can catch up with you, and it often did throughout this bout.

    Once their star skaters who are newer to derby master this kind of stuff, they will be an even scarier team to play.

    Gotham got sunk in this one by some jammer penalties towards the end. Penalties also seem to have done them in against Philly at Regionals.

    To some degree Gotham's tendency towards having smaller skaters worked against them in this one. It would have been interesting to see how the stop-her-and-drop-her combos their blockers often set up for Beyonslay might have worked for them had she been in the game.

  4. Dominion just beat Hard Knox by 80 points in a post-season sanctioned bout. That's not just an upset (by all three unofficial computed national rankings system) but a blowout upset.

    It's tough to say if that was a little bit of Hard Knox not having everyone available in December or not. I do think that throughout their being in WFTDA, Dominion has almost never been where they belonged in the rankings.

    Like most new leagues who join (ala Oly Rollers) they started off at the bottom of the rankings. Then almost immediately started blowing the doors off of veteran WFTDA leagues.

    After a while, this stopped and they plateaued in most rankings system somewhat lower than they had seemed destined for. Recently they've had a lot of tough losses and seemed to be headed for the bottom of every ranking system.

    And now this.

    Here's a bit of the inside story that computed rankings systems won't and shouldn't take into account. Their league is based in a military town, where skaters are often married to men in the armed forces. As we've had two wars going on, it wasn't too uncommon for skaters' husbands to get transferred around the country/world after returning from their tours of duty in Iraq/Afghanistan.

    Ex-Tucson skater Sweet'N'Lowdown famously moved to the United Arab Emirates, she was one of the biggest (and tiniest) reasons they made such a big splash on WFTDA back in 2008. Add to that knowledge of some of the teams they'd face from Duchess America's friends (and family) with Carolina Rollergirls. The latter they still seem to have.

    Add to that a recent "pregnancy epidemic" which took out some of their star skaters. Skaters eventually recover from the "nine month injury." I don't know the league's recent travel team lineups well enough to say if that had a part in their stunning upset of Hard Knox.

    But I do think they may continue to outperform expectations this season, and do a number on computed ranking systems while they are at it. In other words, the systems won't know if they have gotten better or their opponent has gotten worse.

    Thus a bout with them is liable to have a negative impact even on a team that beats them. Because they may be a fair bit better than their ranking would suggest. Bouts with Oly Rollers and late-season/tournament bouts with Rocky Mountain Rollergirls had a similar impact on teams. One supposes that some teams got a greater boost than they deserved for beating Pikes Peak late in the season as well.