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October 2-4 Results

2009 Away Team   Home Team  Accuracy 
10/425Rocky Mountain64 6Oly119 6/25Western Regionals
 12Rat City94 4Denver172 4/12Western Regionals
 14Bay Area105 18Duke City103 14/18Western Regionals
 37Tucson185 36Pikes Peak91 37/36Western Regionals
10/325Rocky Mountain122 4Denver107 25/4Western Regionals
 12Rat City90 6Oly127 6/12Western Regionals
 53Angel City42 11Rose City241 11/53Western Regionals
 36Pikes Peak78 14Bay Area242 14/36Western Regionals
 37Tucson62 18Duke City142 18/37Western Regionals
10/214Bay Area103 12Rat City115 12/14Western Regionals
 53Angel City32 4Denver307 4/53Western Regionals
 25Rocky Mountain101 11Rose City77 25/11Western Regionals
 18Duke City92 6Oly165 6/18Western Regionals
 53Angel City86 36Pikes Peak67 53/36Western Regionals
 37Tucson27 25Rocky Mountain319 25/37Western Regionals

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