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September 28 Analysis - Southern Fried Smackdown Edition

This past weekend's South Central regional marked the second straight in which the Derbytron only missed one game throughout the tournament (Dallas (#31, 7-3) over Atlanta (#23, 8-8)) which brings the record to 40 for 45 throughout the three regions.

South Central Champion - Texas (SC1 in national tournament): The Austin girls completely dominated this tournament from start to finish with pretty much no doubt who the victor would be at halftime of all of their games. Texas (#5, 9-1) took down Nashville (#29, 7-4) 207-23 in their first match, then dominated Dallas 288-19, with their closest game of the tournament being the championship against Kansas City (#9, 8-3) which was an 83-point spread 153-70. This weekend once again proved that Philly (#2, 9-1), Gotham (#1, 6-1), Windy City (#3, 9-1), and Texas have solidified themselves as being clearly separated from the rest of the teams in the county. Only Denver (#4, 6-1) and Oly (#6, 5-0) can really put themselves in that group at this point but without any high level inter-regional matchups from either team, it is tough to tell how close to that group they are. Texas will face the winner of the Madison (#8, 7-2)/Boston (#10, 9-8) game in Philadelphia.

South Central Runner-Up - Kansas City (SC2 in national tournament): The 2007 national champs easily controlled their competition in their first two games with wins over Tampa Bay (#30, 4-5) 198-77 and Houston (#17, 5-2) 118-56. Kansas City ran into trouble in the championship, however, falling 153-70 to Texas. The Warriors had trouble working as a team against the unforgiving blockers of Texas allowing their jammers through untouched on numerous occasions with KC's jammers stuck in the pack. Kansas City will face the 3-seed from the West for the right to play Windy City in the quarterfinals.

3rd Place - Houston (SC3 in national tournament): Houston won a thrilling bout over Dallas in comeback fashion 113-101 in the 3rd place game. Boxed jammers doomed Dallas down the stretch. This will be Houston's first trip to nationals where they will play the 2-seed from the West. The winner will then get to play tournament hosts, Philly, in the quarterfinals. Houston also took down No Coast (#46, 4-8) 183-45 and lost to Kansas City 118-56.

4th Place - Dallas: Dallas contributed the only miss of the weekend by beating Atlanta 122-91. After that exceptional win, however, the Big D dropped a big one to Texas 288-19 which was by far the biggest blowout of the tournament. They did follow that up with a strong showing in the 3rd place game leading Houston for most of the way before losing 113-101. With a stronger schedule next year, Dallas could set themselves up to be a favorite entering next year's South Central Regional to make nationals.

5th Place - Atlanta: The tournament hosts may have been disappointed after an early exit from the nationals hunt at the hands of Dallas but the Down South Derby Girls came back with two impressive wins. First, they dismantled Memphis (#42, 5-4) 190-77 and then took down Nashville 126-66 to take 5th place.

6th Place - Nashville: Nashville's closest game this weekend was a 60-point spread with one win and two losses. They were the first victim of the Texecutioners 207-23. Nashville then beat West Texas (#52, 2-5) 212-49 but lost to Atlanta in their closest game 126-66.

7th Place - Tampa Bay: It was an up and down weekend for Tampa Bay but many came away impressed with the Tantrums. In the first round, Tampa took down Memphis 229-105 and then later that evening hung with Kansas City for the first 15 minutes only to allow KC's slim margin to balloon by the end of the game to 198-77. In the final game of the weekend, the Tantrums came away with the win 127-110 over No Coast but struggled against a lower ranked team.

8th Place - No Coast: The ladies from Lincoln were one of two teams to play above their seed which was cemented after a first round win over West Texas 109-79. That win allowed them to play Houston later that day but were shut down 183-45. No Coast did impress against Tampa Bay, though, losing a close one 127-110.

9th Place - Memphis: The other team to play above their seed was Memphis who didn't earn that distinction until the 9th place game on Sunday where they beat West Texas 134-82. First round action saw the Hustlin' Rollers lose to Tampa Bay 229-105. Later, they couldn't keep Atlanta in check losing 190-77.

10th Place - West Texas: Taking last place was the 8-seed West Texas Roller Dollz. The Lubbock crew lost games to No Coast 109-79, Nashville 212-49, and Memphis 134-82.

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