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September 25-27 Results

2009 Away Team   Home Team  Accuracy 
9/278Kansas City70 4Texas153 4/8SC Regionals
 28Dallas101 19Houston113 19/28SC Regionals
 31Nashville66 21Atlanta126 21/31SC Regionals
 53West Texas82 42Memphis134 42/53SC Regionals
9/2619Houston56 8Kansas City118 8/19SC Regionals
 28Dallas19 4Texas288 4/28SC Regionals
 51No Coast110 27Tampa Bay127 27/51SC Regionals
 42Memphis77 21Atlanta190 21/42SC Regionals
 53West Texas49 31Nashville212 31/53SC Regionals
9/2521Atlanta91 28Dallas122 28/21SC Regionals
 27Tampa Bay77 8Kansas City198 8/27SC Regionals
 51No Coast45 19Houston183 19/51SC Regionals
 4Texas207 31Nashville23 4/31SC Regionals
 27Tampa Bay229 42Memphis105 27/42SC Regionals
 51No Coast109 53West Texas79 51/53SC Regionals

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