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August 31 Analysis - Love Triangle Edition

Philly (#6, 6-1) defeated Windy City (#5, 6-1) by 1. Charm City (#7, 11-3) defeated Philly by 75. This weekend, Windy City defeated Charm City by 19, 117-98 in Chicago. This little love triangle is getting a little more confusing or a little less confusing by the week, depending on how you look at it. Each team went 1-1 with two close games and one blowout in this unofficial round robin. That blowout was last week's question and it has seemingly been answered. With most of the top of Philly's roster on the bench, was that an accurate indicator of the two teams? I think the resounding answer to that is no. Luckily, we should get a definitive answer at Eastern Regionals. Charm City very well could knock off Philly to advance to the championship but the chance of another 75-point blowout is hovering right around 0%.

Brewcity (#22, 3-3) seems to be getting better and better with each passing game. This time taking down Grand Raggidy (#32, 3-5) 164-91. Keep in mind that Brewcity is the lower seed in the upcoming North Central Regional as the Milwaukee crew is seed #9 and Grand Raggidy is #7.

Some inter-regional action saw Houston (#17, 3-1) beat Minnesota (#29, 3-1) 103-76. Minnesota had been undefeated before this game in 2009 play, though no definitive wins against Top 25 competition. Houston was coming off a 67-point loss at the hands of Kansas City (#9, 5-2) the week before.

In other action, Boston (#14, 6-7) dominated WFTDA newcomer Montreal (#41, 0-5) 130-31. Maine (#38, 3-4) won the closest ranked matchup this week over DC (#43, 3-3), 125-104. Dutchland (#44, 2-3) won a tight one over Dominion (#58, 0-5) 114-109 and Suburbia (#47, 1-1) beat Long Island (#67, 0-3) 158-40.

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