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June 14-August 1 Results

2009 Away Team   Home Team  Accuracy 
8/138Fort Wayne47 31Arch Rival119 31/38 
7/3117Bay Area58 14Boston129 14/17RollerCon
7/251Philly70 4Windy City69 1/4 
 52No Coast102 62Oklahoma58 52/62 
 32Arch Rival74 11Madison109 11/32 
 20Providence170 34Montreal70 20/34 
 6Denver299 22Atlanta74 6/22 
 14Boston230 45Connecticut14 14/45 
7/1827Carolina71 7Rat City122 7/27 
 15Madison197 18Brewcity85 15/18 
 28Burning River271 62Gem City32 Unofficial 
 12Duke City107 14Boston155 14/12 Home Track Advantage
 37Fort Wayne63 33Ohio95 33/37 
 23Atlanta100 44Nashville61 23/44Rocket City Rumble
 44Nashville128 38Tampa Bay95 44/38Rocket City Rumble
 23Atlanta195 42Northwest Arkansas45 23/42Rocket City Rumble
 38Tampa Bay187 57Dixie75 38/57Rocket City Rumble
 42Northwest Arkansas145 54Big Easy30 42/54Rocket City Rumble
7/1727Carolina62 9Rose City120 9/27 
7/1256Alamo City64 53Green Country167 53/56 
7/118Charm City135 11Kansas City115 8/11 
 31Rocky Mountain131 46Sacred City33 31/46 
 52No Coast61 50Omaha120 50/52 
 55Assassination City25 48Memphis151 48/55 
 49Hard Knox75  Bleeding Heartland97 Unofficial 
6/289Kansas City44 3Philly145 3/9ECE
 12Detroit137 17Carolina102 12/17ECE
 16Boston81 2Windy City117 2/16ECE
 40Tampa Bay116 11Madison167 11/40ECE
 25Atlanta64 15Cincinnati121 15/25ECE
 46Connecticut56 29Minnesota123 29/46ECE
 48DC102 36Fort Wayne58 48/36ECE
 64Dominion33 35Grand Raggidy176 35/64ECE
 31Ohio102 37Montreal98 UnofficialECE
 24Burning River114 20Brewcity120 20/24ECE
6/2759Sin City81 56Salt City102 Unofficial 
 49No Coast52 23Arch Rival157 23/49 
 7Rat City35 6Philly123 6/7ECE
 10Detroit94 9Charm City141 9/10ECE
 15Boston81 14Carolina82 14/15ECE
 21Cincinnati54 3Windy City127 3/21ECE
 11Madison112 17Kansas City152 17/11ECE
 26Minnesota87 19Brewcity74 UnofficialECE
 20Atlanta139  Montreal116 UnofficialECE
 30Burning River162 41DC54 30/41ECE
 51Connecticut200 60Dominion72 51/60ECE
 35Fort Wayne71 38Grand Raggidy107 38/35ECE
6/269Charm City122 7Rat City119 9/7ECE
6/202Texas118 15Boston84 2/15 
 9Charm City104 2Texas112 2/9Neutral
 27Ohio49 23Cincinnati100 23/27 
 25Arch Rival128 10Duke City113 25/10 
 54Green Country131 56Dixie95 54/56 
6/192Texas76 1Gotham84 1/2Neutral
  Suburbia38 49Connecticut124 Unofficial 
6/1515North Star91 41Brewcity92 Unofficial 
6/1418Ohio66 37Naptown62 18/37 
 52Big Easy61 45Memphis119 Unofficial 
 56Long Island75 47Dutchland206 Unofficial 
 5Philly161 44Maine17 5/44 
 42Sacred City70 34Pikes Peak167 34/42 

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