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August 17 Analysis - Oly Crap! Edition

Not a ton of games this weekend but a plethora of quality teams playing quality teams. If there were any doubters left, they can't be doubting any longer as the Oly Rollers (#5, 5-0) pretty well cemented themselves as a Top 10 team after dismantling a quality Angel City (#49, 3-2) squad on the road, 233-47. The Los Angeles team had never previously given up 200+ points but were unable to hang with the sound offense that Oly possesses. That Oly offense is scoring an average of 208.4 points in WFTDA play which is ridiculous especially considering the high level of competition, including Denver (#6, 5-1), Rose City (#12, 3-1), and Pikes Peak (#30, 4-3). If no one can figure out how to keep Oly from scoring, this team could become the top contender to defeat Gotham (#1, 4-0) for the national championship.

Another battle out west matched two Top 10 teams in Seattle. Windy City (#4, 5-1) took a close one from Rat City (#8, 4-4), 122-94. This was Windy City's first game since their 1-point home loss to Philly (#2, 6-0) in July. Rat City was two games away from their 88-point loss to Philly at the East Coast Derby Extravaganza with a 122-71 win over Carolina (#28, 1-6) in between. Windy City has taken every meeting between the two teams including last year's 157-63 win on their way to a second place finish at nationals.

Back east, Detroit (#11, 5-3) traveled to New England for a Saturday showing in Boston (#14, 5-7) and Sunday against Providence (#17, 3-2). Boston had been on a tear since the ECE, with wins over Duke City (#16, 3-4), Connecticut (#46, 2-4), and Bay Area (#24, 1-3). However, this was Detroit's first game since that event when they took down Carolina, 137-102, surprising many around the country. The Michigan girls defeated the Massacre 108-84. After struggling through 2008, Providence has thus far had a strong 2009 with wins over Harrisburg Area (#20, 3-2), Maine (#41, 2-4), and Montreal (#39, 0-4), but Detroit was too much for the Riveters, 149-69.

In other action, Dallas (#31, 6-1) took down Sacred City (#47, 3-3) 134-73 in Sacramento.

Don't look now but the North Central region is shaping up to be the most exciting tournament to watch of the regional season. Sure, the East has the powerhouses. Yeah, the West has six incredibly strong teams. But, all ten teams competing in the Brawl of America on September 18-20 in St. Paul, MN are currently ranked in Derbytron's Top 30. The North Central is the only region that can say that. Looking even closer, six teams are ranked between #18 and #29 with only a difference of .048 between them. Show me a recipe that is more likely to be fun and unpredictable than that.

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