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June 1 Analysis - Holy 400-Point Blowout Edition

The big story of the weekend has to be the 451 points Texas (#3, 3-0) put on the board in Oklahoma City to defeat the Oklahoma Victory Dolls (#57, 1-2). It marks the first time a team has put up more than 400 points in a WFTDA Sanctioned game and maybe the first time ever in any modern roller derby game? Hopefully someone has the answer to that. Not only was the offensive explosion impressive but they also held the Victory Dolls to just 8 points.

Despite the heavy blowout in Oklahoma, a couple of close games were played this weekend. Naptown (#31, 3-2) beat Fort Wayne (#24, 4-2), 78-70, which happened to be the first incorrect prediction of the Derbytron Rankings, as Naptown entered the weekend at #36 and Fort Wayne at #20. The other close game was in Milwaukee for Brewcity's (#48, 0-1) first game of the 2009 season, dropping it 81-70 to Arch Rival (#34, 2-3) on Sunday. The loss for the Bruisers knocked them down 5 spots to #48 and sent the Rivals up just one spot, but a big spot, as they passed Carolina (#35, 0-2) to take #34.

Cincinnati (#20, 4-1) was the big mover of the newest rankings, jumping 7 spots into the Top 20 after their 147-29 win over Grand Raggidy (#42, 1-4). Cincy is actually reentering the Top 20 after a short absence after their 58-point loss to Madison a few weeks ago. This game marks the second win for the Cincinnati All-Stars over the Grand Raggidy All-Stars of the 2009 season and the fourth in the last 2 years.

In other action, Dallas (#13, 4-0) dominated Green Country (#56, 1-4) 139-48. Plus, a few teams played their first WFTDA games as Tallahassee (UR, 1-0) debuted in a large win over Big Easy (#54, 0-4) 154-64 and Jet City (UR, 1-0) and Bellingham (UR, 0-1) both played their first games in a 147-74 win for Jet City.

*Quick note about next weekend: Omaha will be heading to Rocky Mountain. After adjusting for home-track advantage, Omaha is still the predicted winner in this game despite just a 2-hundredths of a point difference in their ratings. I'd like to call this one a pick-em but that's too easy. Either way, expect a close one.


  1. Hey cool, another computer ranking for derby. Awesome, the more the merrier I say. The one I run, devised by my friend David Dyte, is here:

  2. How often does this update? Monthly? Weekly?