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May 25 Analysis - Slow Weekend Edition

The WFTDA Annual Meeting made for a weekend that only saw 2 games played. The first of those had Dutchland (#50, 0-3) travel to Maine (#42, 2-3) for the Port Authorities' second win of the year, 103-69. Dutchland is now winless in 3 WFTDA contests and has landed right in the middle of a pack of 4 unofficial teams in Salt City (#48, 0-0), Long Island (#49, 0-1), and Slaughter County (#51, 0-2). With this win, Maine jumps 7 spots to #42.

The big game of the weekend was late Sunday out west. Oly (#10, 4-0) hosted Pikes Peak (#32, 3-3) for an unwelcoming complete blowout, 197-54. Oly continues their undefeated WFTDA run sitting at 4-0 and moves into the Top 10. This marks Pikes Peak's biggest loss since Dust Devil 2007 when the Dames from Colorado Springs lost to Bay Area (#12, 1-1) by 183 points. This year, Charm City (#9, 7-1) only managed a 37 point differential and Denver (#4, 4-1) notched a 118 point win at the Four Corner Feud. Can we already crown Oly the West champions and put them in nationals?

It's too early. DTR still has Denver ranked higher and there is good reason. Oly hasn't played away from home yet in their young WFTDA career. Can they be as dominant anywhere but Olympia, WA? That question still hasn't been answered. I believe that their 2-point win over Denver would have been a loss on a neutral court. So, when it comes time for regionals and the Rollers have to travel to Denver, can they beat the likes of Rat City (#11, 2-1), BAD, and the Denver Roller Dolls? It's going to be a long wait until October.

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