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May 18 Analysis - It's Official Edition

Charm City (#9, 7-1) and Steel City (#7, 7-0) switch places in this week's Derbytron Rankings. Based on the 27-point differential Charm City put on the board at Carolina (#34, 0-2) and the 142-point differential Atlanta (#21, 3-4) put on the board, Steel Hurtin from Pittsburgh leap-frogged Madison (#8, 1-0) and the All-Stars from Baltimore jumped the other way. This might seem screwy but Carolina has played 5 Top 10 teams in their last 6 (WFTDA Sanctioned) games and this 27-point loss was the closest contest. The girls from Raleigh were within striking distance for most of the second half which has not been the case lately for an historically Top 10 team.

Rat City (#10, 2-1) survives a second half comeback by Duke City (#25, 1-2) who managed 50 straight points to start the period. This wasn't enough, however, as the Seattle stars won 125-118. This close game sent the Munecas Muertas down 5 spots with Rat holding their #10 ranking. The Rocky Mountain (#47, 0-3) loss didn't help DCD's story as Boston (#19, 2-3) beat the 5280 Fight Club 125-87. Rocky Mountain being Duke City's only win of 2009, the loss by RMRG may have hurt DCD more than their loss to Rat City. And, after a momentary disappearance from the Top 20 by the Boston Massacre, they jump 2 spots to #19.

Atlanta wins at home in dominating fashion over Dominion (#57, 0-2) 200-58 to move up 11 spots (with a little help from a Memphis (#39, 1-1) win) and into the Top 25. 3 of Atlanta's 4 losses have come to Top 10 teams and the other loss was a 26-point defeat to Top 20 Houston (#16, 2-0).

Memphis traveled to Tulsa, OK in some Sunday action to notch their second WFTDA win in just 3 games over Green Country (#59, 1-3) 130-87.This win launched the Hustlin' Rollers out of the Bottom 5 and into the middle of the pack at #39.

Ohio (#30, 3-2) beat Gem City (UR, 0-2) for the second time in a 181-43 win. This is a tough case because Gem City has played 2 games so normally they would be ranked but since both games were played against Ohio, this did some strange things to the rankings so neither game is going to count for either team until Gem City plays their next WFTDA Sanctioned contest. Also, Nashville (#27, 3-1) handed Dixie (#58, 0-2) their seventh straight loss 164-61.

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